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Welcome to Heskia-Hacmun Law Firm, the home of experienced Real Estate Lawyers in Israel. We are here to provide expert guidance on all legal matters relating to the purchase, sale, and ownership of real estate - ranging from complex zoning issues to intricate tax challenges to real property ownership by foreign investors. As experienced Real Estate Lawyers in Israel, we can handle anything from a simple property transaction to a complex real estate development project.

Navigating through the Challenges and Opportunities in Real Estate Transactions

Israeli law recognises diverse land rights, including freehold land, short and long-term leases with the Israel Lands Authority. As seasoned Real Estate Lawyers in Israel, we know that distinct legal protections are necessary depending on the type of land rights involved. 

From ensuring compliance with building regulations to aligning your property's use with zoning laws, we can help you avoid unnecessary complications in your real estate transactions. Moreover, as your chosen Real Estate Lawyer in Israel, we can guide you through the unique opportunities offered by Tama 38 projects - a national zoning plan aimed at strengthening existing residential buildings against earthquakes or rebuilding them from scratch.


The Remote Transaction Process: Buying or Selling Property from Abroad

We understand that many of our international clients may wish to purchase or sell property while residing outside Israel. Fortunately, we're experienced in facilitating such transactions. If you're unable to physically present yourself in Israel, the required documents can be signed at the Israeli consulate or before a certified notary in your location, following which the signatures are authenticated.

Real Estate Taxes: Let Us Guide You Through

The field of real estate taxes is labyrinthine and demands individual counsel based on the specific transaction. As Real Estate Lawyers in Israel, we provide a wide array of services, from complex tax planning to representation in tax assessment procedures to obtaining pre-ruling approvals and more.

At Heskia-Hacmun Law Firm, we specialise in all facets of real estate law, both residential and commercial. Whether you're looking to purchase an individual apartment or plan a multi-unit development, our Real Estate Lawyers in Israel are ready to assist. We also offer legal guidance in combined transactions between landowners and developers and can represent owners in Tama 38 projects.

If you're a foreign investor looking to navigate the intricacies of purchasing property while overseas, reach out to us today. Contact a Real Estate Lawyer in Israel at Heskia-Hacmun Law Firm - we are here to serve you.

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