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Heskia-Hacmun The Israel Law Firm in Tel Aviv with Israel Lawyers in Tel-Aviv was founded in 1998 by Israeli lawyers and members of the israel bar, Dor Heskia and Amos Hacmun.

Since its inception, the Heskia-Hacmun law firm has been based in Tel Aviv, the vibrant city which is the business center of Israel. The practice areas in which our firm represents its clients include Commercial law, Corporate LawBanking & Finance (Capital MArkets)Dispute Resolution, inheritance law, Tax Law, property law and Real Estate Law. Our team is also experienced in the legal practice of commercialization of Intellectual Property through license or sale agreements, business law and labor law.

We are well trained in advising international clients having interests in Israel. Our team will inform such clients of all the unique characteristics and all the relevant information regrading the Israeli legal system. Besides, our law firm also advises to Israeli clients in various legal matters in our fields of practice.

Our team includes lawyers, legal trainees and interns from different countries that came to our offices in Tel-Aviv to acquire an insight into the practice of law in a modern leading Israeli law firm.

Although our firm is a truly local tel aviv law firm, we have ensured to develop a network of foreign correspondent law firms that allows us to support our clients even when they have affairs abroad, we are members of The Law Firm Network. In addition,  we are also members of the CBBL – Cross Border Business Lawyers network which is a German speaking network of lawyers from a wide range of countries around the world. The network and close relations forged over the years enables our firm to provide its clientele with support in most of the world's business centers including the United States, Europe, the UK, Australia, south and central America and Asia Pasific.

Our lawyers understand that for a  foreign client to feel at home in Israel, the services required from us exceed the usual requirements of local clients. We make sure to introduce our foreign clients to trustworthy Israeli companies and business providers. It is clear to any Israeli lawyer in our team that the service of a foreign client requires support in matters that go beyond the standard of the local legal profession and which would otherwise be handled by the client himself. This approach has given our foreign clients the ability to operate in Israel while feeling at home. furthermore, our firm does not pretend to be a full service law firm, when there is a certain matter that we are not actively practicing then we will point our foreign clients into the right direction and ensure that they are in trusted hands.

We offer a unique approach that will ensure the clients expectations and our targets for the client are aligned in a way that allows  us to set realistic objectives together with the client.

Since every client's needs are unique, our lawyers adapt themselves so that what is required can be provided in an optimal manner.

You are most welcome to explore our website for further information about our law firm or about Israeli law.

Feel free to contact Heskia - Hacmun Law Firm Tel Aviv should you be in need of a lawyer in Israel or if you require legal advice or legal services.


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