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Welcome to Heskia-Hacmun, your trusted Tel Aviv Law Firm, featuring top-tier Israel Lawyers with unmatched expertise. Established in the heart of Tel Aviv in 1998 by renowned members of the Israel Bar, Dor Heskia, and Amos Hacmun, our firm offers an extensive range of legal services.

Situated in the business hub of Israel, our Tel Aviv Law Firm has been a cornerstone of legal excellence since its inception. Our proficient team specializes in Commercial law, Corporate LawBanking & Finance (Capital MArkets)Dispute Resolution, inheritance law, Tax Law, property law and Real Estate Law. Our Tel Aviv Law Firm is also well-versed in the commercialization of Intellectual Property, business law, and labor law.

At Heskia-Hacmun Law Firm in Tel Aviv, we are adept at advising international clients with interests in Israel, providing them with comprehensive information about the unique aspects of the Israeli legal system. Our Tel Aviv Law Firm also offers advice to Israeli clients across our fields of practice.

Our diverse team at our Law Firm in Tel Aviv includes lawyers, legal trainees, and interns from various countries, each bringing a fresh perspective to our practice. We're a home for legal minds seeking to understand the ins and outs of law in a leading Israeli law firm.

While we pride ourselves as a locally rooted Tel Aviv Law Firm, we have a broad network of foreign correspondent law firms through our membership with The Law Firm Network and the CBBL – Cross Border Business Lawyers network. This global network allows us to support our clients worldwide, including the United States, Europe, the UK, Australia, South and Central America, and the Asia Pacific.

Understanding the unique needs of our foreign clients, we go above and beyond typical legal services, introducing them to reliable Israeli companies and service providers. At Heskia-Hacmun Law Firm in Tel Aviv, we aim to make our foreign clients feel at home, providing comprehensive support in matters beyond the standard of local legal practice.

Our Tel Aviv Law Firm is committed to aligning our objectives with those of our clients, ensuring a balanced and realistic approach to each case. Our adaptable team tailors our services to meet each client's unique needs in the most optimal way.

Please explore our website for more information about our Tel Aviv Law Firm and Israeli law. For legal advice or services, or if you need a lawyer in Israel, feel free to contact Heskia-Hacmun Law Firm in Tel Aviv.


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